A Love Triangle

So I know your probably thinking, “Man this girl is religious,” but I think there are a lot of things to be said about religious stuff. The argument these pictures make are that in a relationship, God is at the top and man and woman are at the bottom two corners. This symbol is popular among my church people because it represents a marital connection, as shown above. From my understanding, it means that as the man and woman grow closer to God, they will grow closer to each other. I believe this to be the visual argument. The counterargument might be either that it doesn’t work that way or that you grow farther apart than closer together.

I believe this to be true though because spiritually, two people have to be aligned in order to function as one in  a marriage. I heard a saying once about how to know who is the one for you and a pastor said, “Just go as fast as you can for Jesus and whoever can keep up with you, is the one.” So in one way that this triangle can work, it could be that as you grow closer to God, your future spouse is doing the same and you find each other at the top. the first picture expresses this. This is for those who aren’t married yet and as part of your life run for God, you are moving toward that person who is meant for you. In this case, you  may not know each other but both of you, the man and the woman, may be moving toward each other spiritually and eventually, when the right time comes, you will physically meet. Or in another case you may already know each other but aren’t thinking or prepared for marriage so you may be running the race to God side by side without knowing that you are meant for each other.

For the married couple, and as the second picture shows, this love triangle also works. Of course, not everyone is saved so people do get married for other reasons and then later on get saved as a couple or while they are still together. In this case, for “spiritual babies in Christ but married for many years” kind of couples, they could be connected in many ways together other than spiritually. This may help the couple to grow even closer to each other. As they learn and grow in God, it could improve their marriage, situations they are going through as a couple, financial problems, and hopefully strengthen their companionship and commitment to each other. It could also restore a marriage if it is on the verge of failure.

There are so many situations of married couples that this triangle metaphor can help with. Overall, the argument is that as a man and woman grow closer to God, they grow closer to each other. I add that it works this way whether two people are married or are aiming toward getting married.

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If I could tell the world anything what would I say????

I would simply say, “Jesus Loves You!”

I know it may seem pretty religious or something but I don’t care. Its the truth and people need to hear it!

I wrote a paper, recently, proposing that an event be created by my church to reach out to people. Reaching out to people spiritually I mean. A lot of times people just go about their regular day and reach out to people throughout the day, and there is nothing wrong with that, its great! Sometimes though we forget about other people and ignore them when we know we can help. So my proposal was that the event would be a community outreach hosted by my church to reach out to as many people as we could in just a few hours. I mention in my paper that a few reasons for doing this is not only because we are urged, as Christians, to do so, but also because we should and because it will be helping people. Personally I receive great pleasure in seeing other people’s lives being changed for the better. I love knowing that I have helped somebody somehow and being a part of it.

The reason we Christians need to reach out to other people is because they don’t know God. The either know of him, or they just don’t believe in him or are against him. And some people, when you first meet them, they do not want to hear anything about God. Some people despise God or hate him and several other reasons. With that, I believe that a simple “Jesus loves you,” does good. It’s a small but powerful statement. For people who think talking about God is out of the question, this statement is small and is food for thought. And some people just need to hear it. Maybe they forgot about God but it’s a reminder.

So for all who don’t know this…well…”Jesus loves you!” He watches over you. He takes care of you and He is all around you, even if you don’t know it. He is the one that gives you life, meets all your needs, and is there for you if you aren’t there for Him. He is waiting for you to realize this and run to Him. There is so much more that awaits you in this relationship with Him! Make the choice of your life and choose Him! ❤

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So I read another blog about diversity and I agree that it is a complex word to define. Of course when your want to know the definition of a word, you grab a dictionary or look it up on the web, which is what i did. Dictionary.reference.com states three definitions: 1. the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeliness. 2. variety; multiformity. 3. a point of difference. For most, the search ends here because in general, you have found what you are looking for, but in deep thought, I continued to look. I also found this quote, “The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences” (Definition of Diversity). Beyond the simple definition of diversity from a dictionary stand point, there is more to the word “diversity” than we think, or in my opinion at least.

Like my friend, I also went to a job interview and was asked what diversity meant to me. “It means being a part of a group that you have something in common with by still representing something that makes you different from the group,” I answered. For example, I could be categorized in to a group called “girls” since Imeet the requirement of being a girl. Another girl could also be categorized as being apart of this group but lets say she is a blond & I’m a brunette. Although we are both apart of a group because of a certain similarity, the group also has a sense of diversity because she also represents the “blonds” group and I represent the “brunettes” group.   Just like the web page stated above about recognizing our individual differences states.

To me, in order to have diversity, there must first be similarity. Another example would be my interview for my current job at abercrombie kids. They interview in groups so I was interviewed with two other people at the same time. It was another girl, a guy and me in my group. Now this group alone is diverse in many ways. Since there has to be a similarity in a group before it is diverse, the similarity was that we were all there for the same job and for the same interview. Now the diverse part was that the guy was African-American/Mexican. The other girl and I were also Mexican so with the similarity of the job interview, we created diversity just by our ethnicities alone. The other factors of diversity were simple things like our different genders, our hair types and colors, our backgrounds, our dress styles, etc..

This picture explains exactly what I meant. Now the one similarity that this group has is that they were all chosen for this picture, (this is a guess of course but it will help me make my point). As for the diversity part, they also represent different ethnicities, Mexicans, Caucasians, Asians and so on. Different genders, is obviously men and women. The diverse hair types are brunettes, blonds, black hair, gray hair, curly, straight, short, and long. The ages are a bit more difficult to pin point since it is just a picture and I don’t know anyone but I would estimate between the ages of 25 and 70. It is like for there to be diversity somewhere, something must first bring you together through a shared similarity.

So in conclusion of my definition of diversity, I stand by my answer to my interview question and say that it is representing a difference in a group that you belong to because you have something in common with the rest of the group. Also, in order to have a sense of diversity, you must first have a similarity within the group. Whether the similarity is intentional or not, you will always find a similarity within a diverse group, even if it breaks down the one main group into different smaller groups.

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The Inlfuence of Rauch Culture

Last month in my writing composition II class, my professor introduced author Ariel Levy who wrote a book called Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture. It talks about how women now a days are wrongly promoting themselves as sexual objects. Instead of trying to flaunt their success and accomplishments, they are portraying themselves as skimpy, careless women. I believe that Hollywood icons have a lot to do with what influences younger girls to start living a raunchy lifestyle. For example, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and the latest one, Miley Cyrus.

This picture of Paris Hilton, one of many, was taken from an article in which the title was, “Paris gets pulses racing with raunchy burlesque performance”(dailymail.co.uk). The first sentence of the article was, “Paris Hilton added burlesque dancer to her burgeoning cv last night with a raunchy performance at an Los Angeles Club”(dailymail.co.uk). This Britney Spear photo was taken off a website and it was a picture of her comeback performance at the VMA’s in 2007. That is the outfit she wore. This picture of Miley Cyrus is from her performance at the Teen Choice awards. This picture was taken from an article online called, “Miley Cyrus’s Father Approves of Pole Dance at Teen Choice Awards” (telegraph).  In this article, one of the first comments includes as follows: “Miley Cyrus’s raunchy dance routine at the Teen Choice Awards raises a few eyebrows…” (telegraph).

All of these pictures seem pretty revealing to me. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, from what I know, have always been kind of raunchy in the way they dress, act and promote themselves. But Miley, it was a big shock to me that this former, funny Disney star had gone bad girl. This pole dance story seemed to blow up because it seemed to be the first time Miley had performed something like this. After this, word had started going around that Miley was trying to loose her “little girl” image. I personally do not agree on the way she has turned to succeed in that goal. It was a disappointment that for her to get some much more negative attention now and there is much disappointment in the thought that women like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus feel the need to promote themselves in a raunchy way in order to receive attention.

Even though I didn’t know the name, I had noticed that girls started dressing in more skimpy, revealing clothes. I also noticed that attitudes started to change, boys tastes in girls started shifting to these kinds of girls because they saw how easy it was to be with girls like this. Boys think that these girls must want to be noticed so bad that they are willing to degrade themselves in order to catch guys eyes but if they are willing to, then why shouldn’t guys take advantage of it, right? But all this raunchiness just leads down a bad road, in my opinion. Girls go out half naked, find a guy, fall for them (most of the time), try out the relationship, something goes wrong or they finally realize that the physical attraction is gone and they want to move on, so the process starts all over.

Personally, I do not think raunchiness is the way to go. Your physical appearance, what you wear I mean, your attitude, and your actions speak for you. I once heard a guy say, “Don’t advertise what isn’t for sale.” I soon learned that he meant, if you don’t want guys to think that your easy, don’t dress like it. Call me old fashion but I like people looking at me as a respectful, and successful person and that is what I strive to advertise.

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Amazing Jump in San Antonio

Amazing Jump is a facility of fun filled potential. This facility has over 45,000 square feet of trampolines, arcades, and dodgeball courts.  Its for kids and adults of all ages (Amazing Jump). Amazing Jump in San Antonio would be the perfect place for a party. In booking a party at Amazing jump, there are two different party packages to choose from. Each package comes with pizza, water bottles or soda, a party room/area, your own personl party host/hostess, ice cream, decoration set up, free postcard invitations for the party and you also receive free admission on your next visit to amazing jump (Amazing Jump). The difference in the party packages is whether the party is on a weekday or a weekend. On a weekday, the party package for ten people is one hundred and thirty dollars and twelve dollars for every additional person after that. On the weekend the party package for ten people is one hundred and and fifty dollars and fifteen dollars for every additional person who takes part in the trampolines and dodgeball. The arcade is open to everyone. Since each party has a time limit of two hours, I think the price of a weekday party, like a friday for example, is a good deal because each person pays twelve dollars so thats six dollars an hour to enjoy the place which seems very affordable. If you attend a party at Amazing Jump but choose not to participate in the activities on the trampoline or dodgeball areas then you can get in for free and still play arcade games or just enjoy the entertainment.

As for safety percautions taken at Amazing jump, “We use PDBE free foams and materials that meet RoHas health and safety standards…” (Amazing jump). The trampoline and dodgeball courts have vertical walls of trampoline and nets around them so that nobody falls out. There are also layers of padding over any sharp edges on all trampoline and dodgeball courts. You might also be happy to know that the materials used for cleaning the jumping areas at amazing jump are “…materials that do not cause asthma, including deodorant-free and natural Green products to disinfect…”(Amazing jump). The Amazing Jump facility is also air conditioned the whole day so its not like a gym where there is no air conditioning and you can get a heat stroke or faint. 

Since there is only one amazing jump in all of Texas and it happens to be in San Antonio, I believe that this would be a great experience for everyone and might be something new for most people. For more information you can visit amazingjumpsa.com or just follow this link to their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amazing-Jump/153011348044542.

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